Between the city and the greenery, between space and narrowness, these two sequences shot with Anne-Emmanuelle Deroo turned out to be a beautiful compliment. Despite the very cold temperature, she danced in the middle of the greenery along the concrete path which led us to the panorama view of Paris. In contrast the vast playground of the football field behind her. The ground reminds us on Anne-Emmanuelle herself, the earth from distant countries…

Anne-Emmanuelle Deroo – Dancer

Born on May 20, 1978. She studied contemporary dance in the National Regional Conservatory of Lille where she won the gold medal in 1997. In 1998, she joined the training EXERCE in the Choreographic Centre in Montpellier.

From 2000 on, she played different choreographic roles for Christian Bourigaut, Daniel Larrieu, Odile Duboc, Bernard Glandier, Sidonie Ro- chon, Nathalie Collantés and mainly with the Illico Company and CCN from Thomas Lebrun for the shows “les soirées what you want?”, “La constellation consternée” and “Trois décennies d’amour cerné”.

She also worked with the musician Seb Martel and accompanied him on stage. In 2011 they created the duo “You will be my tribe”.


Henry Lee – Nick cave et Pj Harvey  // Murder ballads


Thibaut Ras


Mitiki / Les Studios de la Ruche