15/06/13 — Paris

Searching, searching, we got lost in the subway network meander of Paris. Not finding the spot we had chosen but finding by chance instead another place and a perfect moment… and all the magic of those dance sequences right there…

First trained in Ballet in the “Jeune Ballet” in Paris; it is with the Jean- Claude Gallotta Company in the CCN in Grenoble where Emilie gained her basic professional training. She continued her path in Switzerland with the Linga Company in Lausanne where she also worked with the “émergence artistique suisse”, and thereafter joined the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York to work with the choreographer Stefany Batten Bland. Besides her work as a dancer, she set up, together with a photographer and a semiotics researcher, the collective Rabbit Research. Together they write for stage, digital arts, public spaces, commercials, and have developed a particular connection with architecture. Today Emilie is back in Paris and works with Tatiana Seguin, Marion Lévy and Blanca Li.


PAD – Interpol  //  Turn On The Bright Lights


Thibaut Ras


Mitiki / Les Studios de la Ruche