01/10/12 — Paris

I had no idea where to shoot this sequence with the elegant dancer Aline Braz Da Silva. I was in Paris to assist the last show of Marion Lévy, “Dans le ventre du loup”, in which Aline performed. After the show we talked about tomorrows shooting; none of us had any idea about the precise place where her dance and my camera should meet. Pauline, the Light Stage Manager, offered to take us to an “underground” place in Paris which she liked a lot. She’ll be our guide. When we got to the place we tried to enter the building but had to give up after several attempts. We decided to shoot outside the building. I particularly liked the part of the house facade which added a “chaotic” aspect. Even at the moment we started shooting I had no idea what Aline was going to propose..!

Aline – Dancer

Aline got her first training from Claude Béatrix in the Dance Centre in Bayeux. Thereafter she won many international prizes (concours de Biarritz, Nyon – Genéve, FNID Paris). Later she trained in the EPSE Dance Center of Montpellier and in the National Music and Dance Con- servatory of Lyon while still following her personal pursuits in Paris, New York, London, Toulouse, Montpellier and Geneva. She performed on the stage of the National Theatre of Chaillot in the production “En Somme“ and „Dans le Ventre du Loup” from Marion Lévy. She joined the Etantdonné Company to assist two dance creations (La vitrine et Imago Opus 2 : La théorie du 2). She then joined the Arcosm Company in 2009 for the creation of “La Mécanique des Anges” and to dance a role in the show „Lisa”.




Thibaut Ras


Mitiki / Les Studios de la Ruche