22/10/12 — Lille

A chase on the roads of Lille… like Sarah, energetic and sparkling.
When I asked Sarah if she has a place that she liked to shoot her dance, she immediately started talking about Lille. We decided to survey the city to find a place that inspires us. We shot two sequences. For one of the sequences, we wanted to provoke looks of unknown people. Therefore we shot in the center of a book market. We had the sensation of non-existence…

Sarah Chlaouchi – Dancer

After a classical training in the Conservatory of Paris-CNR, Sarah joined the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Lyon. These four years gave her the opportunity to meet and join multiple art projects.
In 2008 she works for the first time with Gaetano Battezzato, for a creation of “Hélices” for the Young Ballet of C.N.S.M.D in Lyon. In 2011 she performed one of two roles of the duo “Bal AB” for her company, the “teatri del vento”.

She also was interpreter for other artists like “Gourmandises” of Emilio Calcagno, “l’Odysée d’A” from the director Manuel Pons or as well “Rouge Désir” of the Company ZEVADA.

At the moment, Sarah works on the creation of a duo with Fanélie Danger after a reprise of “D’Hélices” for six dancers.
She performs Bal AB next December.


Galactic / Double It


Thibaut Ras


Mitiki / Les Studios de la Ruche