30/10/12 — Edinburgh

We were in Scotland for the first performances of “TRAVERSE” at the Festival Imaginate 2012. Emilien and I walked on the paved streets of Edinburgh to the castle that overlooks the city. The sky was, like usual, packed with these clouds that cover all northern cities, giving them a very special light ambience. Three red pay phones leaped out of the grey scenery in front of us. Suddenly, the magic took place. We decided to wait for a while in this place. A sunbeam announced the warm sunlight which soon covered the whole city…

Emilien Gobard – Dancer

Emilien discovered the pantomime at the age of 12 while his dance training in the “Jeune Ballet” of Janine Stanlowa in Paris. Today he’s a graduate of the European Theatre Academy of Ella Jaroszewicz where he has been assistant and teacher of this discipline for both, young students and professionals. In 2006 he confounded “Le Troupeau dans le Crâne”, a multidisciplinary theatre troop, with whom he created his first one mime show, “L’homme de Rien (plaid in France, Italy and Romania) and his second solo show “Les Essais”, a performance of a pantomime after Montaigne. As much as pantomime, he also regularly coached companies (Eclats de Souffle, Comité de la Claque,..) and singers (especially the singer Camille). As a comedian he mainly worked for the radio (Myron Meerson, Cédric Aussir) and the theatre (Vladimir Ant, Monsieur et madame O) but also Bertrand Guerry appeared on television (Philippe Bérenger, Dominique Guillo) and at the cinema (Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, Fabienne Roumet). In 2010 Emilien entered the company Arcosm for the show TRAVERSE, which went on tour in France and abroad.


Bertrand Guerry


Mitiki / Les Studios de la Ruche