11/11/12 — Cherbourg - France

Invited to work on the teaser trailer of their show, I met Chloé and Mika in “la Brèche” in Cherbourg. Our first meeting was in autumn 2010, where we shot a short film of Pierre Makyo. We shared three days for the work of the teaser trailer and meanwhile I told them about the AWCD project. The whole team was very enthusiastic about it. We met again on the roof of the Art Center of the circus for an atypical duo.

BARNABARN is a word in Icelandic which literally means “the child of the child”, and also means the grand son or grand daughter of the grand parents. We are obliged to work with what we are and what we have learned to be. And we owe all to the previous generations and to what they invented.

The company was born with a collaboration of Mikaël C. Dubois and Chloé Fournier for the project “Cartoon”.

They love stories. Through the stories, they work on the perception of the world, the eye and the illusion. They go along with the instinct and often let the body find his way alone. In the movement, they like the pain because it causes problems. But what they like above all is to laugh and play with it. Find the balance. And use it.

“Cartoon” will be released again in a revised version in February 2014 in Langueu. In the show: More Cartoon and a reprise of the female role by Jennifer François. The company works with the Circus of Le Mans from November 15 to December 6.

Mika prepares a new acrobatic show named “En moi danse un fou” (A mad dances inside me)…     to be followed…


Thibaut Ras


Mitiki / Les Studios de la Ruche