26/11/12 — Edinburgh

We walked, Anne-Cécile and I, besides a castle in Edinburgh in Scotland. Sunbeams warmed our faces. We were looking for an unusual place where her movements and my camera should meet. We soon found it. Not far away tombstones arose and we discovered an old scottish cementery. Anne-Cécile started to devote to the space, I took the camera and started to shoot.


Dancer Anne-Cécile started dancing when she was only 6 years old on the Island of Réunion. She first followed an academic career in the French Conservatory in Réunion and Lyon, where she trained ballet and contemporary dance. In the year 2001 she decided to move to Brussels. Now 20 years old, she followed the “Passarelles”, a 9 months vocational dance training. From this moment on, Anne-Céline started to work as a performer for different companies:

– The company Mattéo Moles, where she joined the creations: Thanatos and Gadget et Les Mariés. – The company Animae Corpus with Thibaud Le Maguer for the creation “Pellis”

– The company Parcours directed by the choreographer Félicette Chazerand who chose Anne-Cécile to join her creation “À l’ombre des Arbres et Spirale” – The Arcosm company for the shows LISA and TRAVERSE.

In the year 2007 she discovered the method of Axis Syllabus founded by Frey Faust and decided to follow the training of Baris Mihci on a regular basis. She participated the training of the Nomadic College, which is organized once a year (Italy, Czech Republic and Finland). In 2009 she attended the training of the Collectif en Transit and kept working with the community of Axis Syllabus.


Bertrand Guerry


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