14/11/18 — Château-Thierry

AWCD & L’Echangeur CDCN

Here is our new session with Tatiana Julien, choreographer and dancer whom we worked with before. With a new and explosive energy we meet Tatiana on the rooftop of L’Echangeur CDCN, dance center in Château-Thierry, France, for a powerful improvisation.
First episode of a series made in coproduction with L’Echangeur CDCN.

Image and editing: Thibaut Ras

Improvisation: Tatiana Julien

Filmed at L’Echangeur CDCN Hauts-de-France at Château-Thierry, September 2018.
First episode of a series co-produced by All We Can Dance and L’Echangeur CDCN as part of the festival C’est comme ça!