21/11/18 — Château-Thierry

Maud Pizon and Jérôme Brabant have created together the duet A taste of Ted, revisiting 1930s dances created by choreographers Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis. Their improvisation seems impregnated with these dances and characters. We are at Château-Thierry in France, we could be elsewhere.

A series co-produced with L’Echangeur-CDCN.

Direction and editing: Thibaut Ras

Improvisation: Maud Pizon and Jérôme Brabant

Filmed at L’Echangeur CDCN Hauts-de-France in Château-Thierry, September 2018.

A series co-produced by All we can do dance and L’Echangeur CDCN as part of the festival C’est comme ça !